Veterinarian Recommended
Supports Immune System Function
Natural Human Grade Ingredients

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NuVet Plus Health Benefits:

*Stengthens the Immune System

*Promotes Healhty Skin and Coat

*Reduces Itching and Scratching

*Supports Ear and Eye Health

*Improves Digestion

*Supports Cardiovascular Health


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I started using NuVet when my boy had a HUGE wart on his ear.  Since using it, the wart started to shrink almost instantaneously.  After a month of him being on it, it is completely GONE! - Brittany

We live using NuVet. Our pup had puppy acne that turned into soars. A couple weeks on NuVet and it was completely cleared up. - Stefanie

My Great Dane had horrible allergies. Constantly itching.  Nothing I did could ease it. We had tried everything from allergy medicine, to the different types of shampoos and weren't seeing any results.  We put him on NuVet and within a week started seeing results. His coat became more shiny and soft, but the best part, he wasn't itching anymore. - Melanie