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Basic Training Itenerary

At Home Training ($250) - Puppy stays with me for a week. Work on beginner commands, work on behavioral issues, etc. Report is typed up for owner's knowledge of what to do with puppy and what puppy has been taught to continue the consistency that he/she will need to continue perfecting what was worked on. Owner will also be shown what to do and how to work with puppy on above commands.
Without consistency of what was learned, you just wasted your money and my time. A puppy learns with repetitiveness to get into a routine. I am not a miracle worker to teach everything to your puppy in one week. YOU have to work with him/her as well in your home.
Weekly Trainings ($30/hour) - Consist of home visits to ensure that puppy is continuing in his/her training. Assuming that he/she is doing well and has had consistency each week he will learn new commands. If previous commands still need to be worked on from prior week, those will be worked on as well as introducing the new ones. The owner will be shown how to work with puppy on each new command, and will consist of 1 hour of one on one training with puppy as well as helping the owner to learn how to handle puppy.
*NOTE* Every dog is different and may need more/less time each week with the commands. This is just a BASIC 7 week itinerary, the puppy may need longer than 7 weeks or may not need 7 weeks at all. Please take this into consideration when training your puppy. CONSISTENCY is everything, I can only train the dog so much, but if he/she is not worked with during the time period in between trainings then the puppy will not be proficient and usually will forget what to do.

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