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Q: What do I feed my Great Dane Puppy?
A: You want to feed a food that the first ingredient is meat.  Also, check  and make sure the brand hasn’t had any recent recalls.  Then always make sure you are within the correct percentages. No more than 26% protein, 1 - 1.5% calcium, and 1% phosphorous.

Q:  How big will my Great Dane puppy be when I pick him/her up at 8 weeks?
A:  Every puppy is different and grows at their own rate.  Typically, the puppies I raise, when they leave end up weighing between 15-20lbs.

Q: What is the best method for potty training?
A:  Kennel training. In my experience, kennel training is what works best for me. 

Q: When should I spay/neuter my Great Dane?
A:  Your Great Dane should not get fixed until at least 18 months of age.  With them being such a large breed, they need time to grow properly, and they need their hormones to do so. Spaying/Neutering too soon can cause uneven growth plates, among other problems with your puppy. I personally prefer not until two years of age.  A female should have at least one heat before spaying.

Q: How do I trim my Great Dane’s nails?
A: As a puppy nail clippers do the job just fine, however as they get older their nails are larger and thicker.  A drimmel is a great tool to use to file them down.  You can get one from Walmart for about $25.

Q: What is the best comb for grooming my Great Dane?
A:  I would highly recommend the King Komb.  It really helps to pull that loose hair from their coats and so far in my experience has been one of the best I’ve used.

Q: What kind of bed should I get my Great Dane?
A: We actually have a full size mattress and a twin size mattress that works great.  Very easy to clean because all you have to do is change out the sheets and mattress cover.  Also, it’s not as expensive as an actual dog bed.

Q: Why does my puppy keep peeing so much? He pees outside and then comes inside and pees a couple more drops. He knows what he is doing is wrong but it’s almost like he can’t help it.
A: It sounds like your puppy has a UTI. You should get him to a vet and they will probably put him on antibiotics.
Update: Puppy did have a UTI and has since been treated with antibiotics.
​​Q: Is it true that blacks are the only Great Danes that don't have skin problems?
A: No, this is not true. Blacks are susceptible to the same skin problems as a blue or any other color.  There are those that are more prone to skin problems, like the blue for instance, because they are a dilute of black.  However, the skin problems that typically take place happens when they are puppies and their immune system is lowered due to stress of moving to a new place, being away from their siblings, etc.  It is referred to as a superficial staph infection, and is maintained easily with antibiotics.  Another reason we keep our puppies on NuVet as it is an immune system builder. 

​​Q: My puppy is having trouble gaining weight. He is skin and bones. Please Help.
A:  When this is happening the first thing you want to look at is: Has my puppy been dewormed recently? If not, take him to your vet and have a fecal done and then give him the wormer.  

The second thing you want to look at is your puppy's food.  Are the percentages correct? What is the fat content? We feed our puppies the Victor High Energy. It has 1.4% calcium, 1% phosphorous, 24% protein, and a 20% crude fat.  
Also, something to help if your puppy or dog is underweight is Dyne. It is a calorie supplement and tastes really yummy to the puppy/dog. Click the link below to order. 
​​Q: My puppy always gets the hiccups. Is this normal?
A:  Yes. Please click HERE to learn more. 

​​Q: Are there limitations to the amount of exercise my puppy can have? When is it safe to take my Great Dane jogging?
A:  Yes there absolutely is limitations. The growth plates on a growing Great Dane puppy are so far apart that it is critical that they are not over exerted with strenuous activity. If too much activity is given or if taken for very long walks or jogs, damage can be done to them. Click HERE 
to learn more.